Ireland is home to a centuries-old tradition of superior dairy farming supported by the lush, native grasslands that cover our country. Truly Grass Fed is proud to have its roots deep in this isle of sustainable agriculture, cow-friendly climate and rich natural resources.



“Too hot to trot” or “too cold for comfort” are rarities in Ireland. Temperatures typically range from 40–50 degrees Fahrenheit (4–10 Celsius) in winter and 60–70 degrees Fahrenheit (16–21 Celsius) in summer. Thanks to this temperate climate, our cows have the freedom to graze outdoors for up to 300 days per year. During the winter months, they enjoy shelter, rest and natural grass silage with less than 5% supplemental feed to keep them happy and nourished until spring arrives and they can return outside.


Ireland’s rich soils and thriving grasslands provide a natural advantage for dairy farming. As such, farmers, researchers, scientists and sustainability experts are constantly exploring new technologies to improve the industry. From grass-growth monitors and carbon navigator tools to technologies that improve quality of life for our cows and the farmers who care for them, Ireland represents a hub of world-class agricultural innovation—a legacy that Truly Grass Fed is proud to be a part of.

The Innovation

the air


Ireland has some of the freshest and cleanest air you can find anywhere in the world. In fact, it is one of the lowest emitters of carbon in the world and is certified by the Carbon Trust in the UK. Truly Grass Fed contributes to our nation’s low carbon footprint by keeping our cows where they belong: outside. Our cows spend the majority of the year outdoors, so there is no need for expensive, energy-wasting heat or air conditioning. What’s more, our immense grasslands convert vast amounts of CO2 into oxygen every day, further contributing to the clean air and positive environmental impact.

the rain


Ireland’s plentiful precipitation is one of its most valuable natural resources
as far as dairy cows are concerned. Thanks to the country’s location on the
edge of the Atlantic Ocean and its mild climate created by the Transatlantic
Gulf Stream, farms do not require mechanical irrigation. That means our
farmers face no energy costs associated with watering their pastures to
provide a natural and nutritious diet for our Truly Grass Fed cows.

the grass


Ireland boasts a yearly grass growth rate that exceeds the European average by more than a third, so it’s no wonder this majestic nation is home to some of the world’s finest grass-fed dairy. Of the many grass varieties, dairy farmers tend to cultivate varieties that offer exceptional nutritional value and easy digestibility for cows. Truly Grass Fed farms also add a bit of clover to the mix for nutritional value and to aid the natural nitrogen balance in the soil.

the soil


Limestone soils are one of Ireland’s most powerful assets, and they are the
basis for a Truly Grass Fed diet. Lime is a natural neutralizing agent and it is massively beneficial to grass growth. We understand the importance of our pastures, so we encourage our farmers to test their soil every 3–5 years. After testing, farmers add the recommended nutrients and can plan to re-seed as appropriate to replenish grass variety and feed their hungry herds.


Agriculture is Ireland’s most important indigenous industry as it accounts for 7.6% of GDP, 8.5% of employment and 12.3% of net exports. Plus, two-thirds of the nation’s land is used for agriculture with 80% of that property devoted to grasslands—a notable nod to dairy farming. Thanks to the industry’s vast national importance, the Irish government is intensely focused on safeguarding and sustaining it today and for every future tomorrow.