Truly Grass Fed Cheese at Natural Products Expo West 2018

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Thousands of foodies tasted our Truly Grass Fed aged cheddar cheese and our smooth creamy butter on brown bread and the response was phenomenal! We are working towards bringing these beautiful products to consumers over the coming months.

Truly Grass Fed is a revolution in modern dairy that hearkens back to the basics. Small herds and a passion for the art of farming – clean, wholesome dairy made by happy, healthy cows who graze in open pastures for some 250 days of the year with a 95% grass fed diet.

Irish farmers hold dear an inherent adherence to regenerative farming – a way of farming that rebuilds soil naturally and grazes animals as animals would naturally graze in nature. Truly Grass Fed milk comes from 4,800 farms located in Ireland’s most fertile land. Each farm has an average of 80 cows on approximately 150 acres, which is only about one cow for every two acres.

Many Truly Grass Fed farms have been passed down through generations, and our farmers represent a mix of young, highly skilled entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans. Our cows are what make Truly Grass Fed foods possible, so animal welfare is high on our list of priorities. Our farmers share deep bonds with their herds,

Truly Grass fed ingredients such as protein, whey, casein, cheese, butter and milk powders are already available and ready for use in many different applications. Our customers are happy to display the TGF seal and stand over the fact that their product is made from cows that are pasture-based for over 250 days a year. This gives their product an exceptional taste, texture and also instills an understanding in their customers that natural and clean ingredients have been used to make their product.

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We look forward to meeting and greeting our friends and colleagues from NPEW next year when we plan to exhibit our popular Truly Grass Fed products again at Anaheim Convention Centre from March 6th – 9th 2019.